Business Script

Many monolines have come before, and many will come after, but none before or since have the casual ease and delightful curvature of Business. Business hints at romance with its filigree-like twists and turns, with an attention to ornament and frippery that bespeaks the elegance of Versailles’ Versailles. Concurrently it flaunts a certain devil-may-care ease that is available to only the truly nonchalant. Some may question this scripts’ overall je ne sais quois, to which we respond “Peut-être que vous ne savez pas quoi, mais je sais quoi!,” meaning, “Who are you to argue with the script that sailed a thousand ships?”

  • Opentype features include: ligatures, case features, fractions, and stylistic alts.
  • Includes 20 emoji characters
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Business Script